Grandpa Jez And The TJN Terribly Confused About Amazon’s Tax Payments

Jeremy Corbyn has sent Amazon a 25th birthday card insisting that it should be paying more tax in the UK. He’s also insisting that it should be paying the staff more. Can’t really be both now, can it? If you pay the staff more then there are fewer profits to pay tax upon. The Tax Justice Network gets even more confused on the issue.

Amazon UK paid only £1.7m in corporation tax in 2017, its most recent annual public filing at Companies House, as pre-tax profits tripled to £72m.

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Remarkably, Yes, The Tax Justice Network Are Fools – Or Trying To Fool Us

The Tax Justice Network is one of these self-appointed groupuscules who think that if we all pay more tax then the world will become a Nirvana. No, not a boring group of largely unwashed young men caterwauling for large incomes, but the opposite a very heaven on Earth. Just give more money to Theresa May – or perhaps Jeremy Corbyn – to spend and Bob’s your parents’ relative of choice given these non-sexist days.

They do tend to rather brush over the important points in their insistences though.…

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