Scientific Proof, Trans Is Not Really Trans

This study is drawing entirely the wrong conclusions from the research that was done. Or, perhaps to admit it, there’s a mischievous manner of interpreting these results. Which is that trans people aren’t really trans. Or, to the human or robot eye they’re not.

This would actually accord with what we know about the impact of hormones upon looks. Things like jawlines, brow ridges, the perhaps subtle underlying bits and bobs that make up “male” and “female” looks.…

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If Trans Should Play Cis Then Should Cis Play Trans?

Of course, as we all know, this isn’t how these things work.

Cast more transgender actors in non-trans roles, union urges
Equity publishes guidance for entertainment professionals working with LGBT+ actors

Of course, we here support this idea. Producers and directors should cast whoever they damn well want to into whatever role they desire. There have been female Hamlets, black Lears and why not? The entire point of the exercise is to be playing dress up after all.…

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A Trans Problem – Puberty Delaying Drugs Lead To Osteoporosis

Not that this is the conclusion that is drawn from this new research but it is the conclusion which should be drawn from it. That delaying puberty among those children who might wish to transition can or will lead to osteoporosis in later life.

Teens who hit puberty later could face bone health issues later in life, studies suggest

Puberty is a time of dramatic development for both boys and girls. Not only are those hormones raging, but there’s all the bodily changes to contend with.…

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The Church Of England Is Apparently Transphobic

This is the implication of the musing upon those who transition within marriage. That they haven’t in fact become newly male or female, but remain in their original gender. Which is, of course, transphobia by the standards of some today.

But this is where the Church of England finds itself:

Church of England will condone gay couples for first time – as long as they were man and wife when they took vows

No, that’s not what they’ve done in the slightest.…

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Israel Folau’s Speech – Sermon Perhaps – On The Evils Of Child Transgenderism

Israel Folau isn’t backing down from his views on gay marriage, child transgenderism and all that. Which is fine – of course it’s fine. He is indeed allowed his views and also to speak them – that’s what a liberal society means. Being liberal doesn’t mean we’ve got to agree with him. Nor praise him for his views, support them, approve of them. But we do have to tolerate him, his views and his right to express them.…

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Samoa’s Ban On Rocketman, Elton John’s Gaiety, And Traditional Trans Fa’afafines

Samoa has – sorta in common with other Polynesian societies – what is often referred to as a third gender, Fa’afafines. That this society does is being used as a stick to beat Samoa over the head with concerning a ban on the showing of the film Rocketman there. The argument being that how can we ban something on the grounds of it showing homosexuality when the background society being “protected” is one with Fa’afafines in it.…

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Claims And Truth About Trump’s America And Trans Asylum Seekers

It must be difficult to be so outraged at Trump’s America that you’re unable to keep the accusations straight. I mean sure, Trump’s America – Orange Man Bad, we all know that.

But take this on the subject on the treatment of trans asylum seekers. Carrie Bradshaw tells us that they’re jailed merely on the basis of their sexuality:

This is the same administration that imprisons immigrants on the basis of their sexual orientation

In terms of immigration they’re not even allowed to ask about sexuality.…

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It Appears That Breast Cancer Is Just One Of Those Things About Being A Woman

Around here we’re used to seeing the world through a particular lens. To the point of monomania in fact, using economics as our foundational logic system. This means that we’re always fascinated by natural experiments. For within economics it’s terribly difficult to conduct controlled such. Sure, you can torture some undergraduates in a lab but that’s not all that illuminating about the real world and entire economies are difficult to herd onto a university campus.

The monomania means that it can take time for us to remember that other subjects work differently.…

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An Actually Seriously Worrying Case About Trans Rights

Sourced from our usual depositary of everything wrong about trans rights and complaints there’s this story about a woman on the Times.

O’Donnell alleges multiple counts of illegal behaviour towards her after she transitioned to female, and her claims lift the rock to show a “boy’s club” of entrenched sexism, bordering on misogyny. But the case also introduces something that hasn’t previously been tested. Buzzfeed: O’Donnell and her lawyer… allege that it wasn’t just what happened in the newsroom but also what those inside it published in the newspaper about trans people that constituted a hostile, transphobic place to work.

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Maya Forstater Fired For Saying Trans Women Aren’t In Fact Women

It’s interesting to note what you’re not allowed to say these days. And, actually, what you are allowed to say. If you work for one of the more right on organisations that is. Such is what has happened to Maya Forstater, a friend of ours around here. Well, OK, she might not call reactionaries like me friend but we admire her work. We’ve even helped with it a little bit, talking about minerals, mining and revenues with her.…

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