Stop Bitching About That Myleene Klass Pregnancy Photograph

Yes, obviously, we find Myleene Klass just as annoying as everyone else does. She’ll attend the opening of a letter if there are cameras there to record the fact. Yes, it is indeed irritating that looks and not much more by the way of talent or worth translate into such riches. But then that’s how the world works and having grumbled we can all move onto more important matters like how to we rickle the rhubarb?…

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Google+’s Death And The Failure Of Big Tech Monopoly Power

As we all know Big Tech just has so much power over our lives that those shrinking violets, the bureaucrats, must regulate it for our own good. The people who bring us the joys of the DMV should be detailing the rules by which we send cat pictures to Granny that is. Not a contention that really passes the smell test but then that’s true of most of politics, it stinks.

The contention is that Google, Facebook, Amazon etc, are so powerful, so monopolistic, that competition cannot arise, cannot thrive if it does, therefore government’s got to stamp on such market power.…

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We Look Forward To That New Internet Built By Feminists, People Of Color And The LGBTQ

Mike Monteiro has a very strange complaint about the internet – that it’s been built by a bunch of young, cis- and hetero- white men. It therefore doesn’t take care of the concerns of all of those who aren’t male, young, cis- and hetero-. This is, of course, an outrage, we should burn it all down and start again.

This is also all the most ghastly tosh. Pinterest isn’t produced by a team greatly any different than any other tech company or site.…

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Christchurch Shooting – Both A Tragedy And An Opportunity To Censor Us

The Christchurch shooting is already showing the wisdom – or cynicism – of Rahm Emanuel’s comment that you never let a crisis go to waste. Or, even, of Naomi Klein’s whine about disaster neoliberalism but somewhat in reverse. For here we’ve that appalling tragedy of some nutter going postal at two mosques and the demand is therefore that all the rest of us should and must be censored. Didn’t see that one coming, didj’ya?

Except, of course, there are those who really do think that free speech for us oiks, hoi polloi, is a terrible danger to the manner the world is run.…

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Facebook, Twitter And Christchurch Mosque Shooting Video – How To Stop It Spreading?

Assume that we do in fact want to stop the gunman’s video of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand from spreading. How do we do that? We’ve now wired the world so that billions can send each other video as and when they wish for nothing. It’s a very good system, a great human achievement. But if people are to use it in a manner we’d really rather such things are not used then what do we do about it?…

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Ocasio Cortez, The Twitter Maven, Has A Problem With Facebook

Quite what the problem Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has with Facebook should be obvious She’s very good indeed at using Twitter to appeal to the masses over and around the mainstream media. Other people are equally good at doing so using Facebook.

The problem AOC has with Facebook is that she doesn’t agree with those who use Facebook. Therefore Facebook shouldn’t exist in its current form.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested that democracy in the US “has a Facebook problem” after the company pulled ads last night that called for tech giants, including Facebook, to be broken up.

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Elon Musk’s Been A Very Naughty Boy Tweeting About Tesla Says The SEC

That Elon Musk hasn’t quite grasped the responsibilities of running a publicly listed company should be obvious by now but the SEC’s had to remind him concerning Tesla. You’re not allowed to Tweet out whatever publicity you think you’d like to tell people. Things that are material statements about the company are things that need to be communicated formally, through the formal channels.

This is not rocket science – something which Elon’s other company shows is easier to certain personality types:

Elon Musk could face a possible a jail sentence after an American regulator asked a judge to hold him in contempt for ignoring an order banning him from tweeting market-moving information about the company.

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Elon Musk’s Lawyer At Tesla Quits – Probably Wise Really

It can be amusing what stories just turn up in the feed. At times the conjunction of them can be all too apposite:

Tesla’s general counsel leaves the company after two months

That might actually be a wise decision:

Tesla’s general counsel is leaving the company after just two months on the job — the latest in a series of executive departures at Elon Musk’s electric car company. Dane Butswinkas, who joined Tesla (TSLA) in December, will return to his legal practice at Williams & Connolly in Washington, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

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Fake News Is Fake News

Fake news is fake news.

By which I mean that fake news itself isn’t a real concept. It’s fake.

I remember back when fake news was just standard nonsensical clickbait – “Islington mum earns thousands working from home”

That was the original fake news, and it’s still there chuntering away (who clicks on this stuff?!)

Then Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and the Left in America tried to convince us that fake news was actually just any negative stories about Hilary Clinton.…

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An Interesting Thought – Has Elon Musk Breached Securities Laws By Making Tesla Announcements On Twitter?

There’s at least an arguable case that Elon Musk has breached securities laws by announcing various Tesla plans and ideas upon Twitter.

One final note that makes me chuckle. Elon made his big announcement on Twitter. He has also blocked a lot of people on Twitter–including me in 2013 or 2014. Well, selective disclosure of public information–giving it to some people earlier than others–violates Reg FD (“Regulation Fair Disclosure”). So by (a) blocking me (and many others) on , and (b) running his big brain waves through, Twitter, Elon might have committed other securities violations.

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