Universal Credit – Giving Money To People Should Be Easy, Right?

A torrid tale about Universal Credit.

Girls, working

The lady in question, Portuguese by nationality, is here in the UK. She worked on the streets – yes, that’s a euphemism – and was sending money back to her son and family at home.

She manages to get out of the game and on to benefits. And then? Well, given Brexit she needs to apply for settled status. Which involves forms, bureaucracy, lost documents and so on.…

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Universal Credit Is The Reason There’s No Sex Slavery In The UK

We’re often enough told that there’s some massive amount of sex slavery in Britain. This would be a bad thing as sex slavery is repeated rape. Despite what we’re so repeatedly told though there’s very little evidence of it actually happening. Operation Pentameter used every police force in the country to go look for it for 6 months. And Assembled Plod found not one single person in the entire country they could prosecute for the crime.…

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Well, Yes Mr Chakrabortty. But Why Do You Want Government To Do More?

There’s a certain logical dissonance from Aditya Chakrabortty here. He’s insistent that Universal Credit is an abomination, a terror, because it’s badly administered. And no doubt it is badly administered. But there are two further questions that need answers. The first being, well, what makes anyone think that the current cat’s cradle of welfare benefits are better administered? No one who tries to collect any of them, that’s for sure:

After years of ministers pretending otherwise, Amber Rudd, the DWP secretary, now admits universal credit’s introduction has left people so short of cash that they have resorted to food banks.

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So 2 Million People Will Lose Out On Universal Credit. And, So What?

Much huffling about this new estimate of who will lose out from the switch to Universal Credit. As many as 2 million people will lose some £1,000 a year off the amount they get from sucking at the state’s teat. And?

That’s the thing here, so what?

What we’re supposed to assume is of course that this is awful. Which is to make a terrible logical error:

Almost 2 million people will lose more than £1,000 a year following the switch to universal credit, with those claiming disability benefits the worst affected, according to research by a leading thinktank.

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