The Age Pay Gap FFS.

We’ve had the gender pay gap.

And now Radhika Sanghani  is complaining about the ethnicity pay gap.

But there’s one pay gap that people just aren’t talking about: the age pay gap.

I’d like to complain about that.

Indulge me.

Older workers get paid more on average than younger workers – fact.

On average, workers over forty get paid 90% more than those under thirty.

Admittedly this is because they work longer hours, in more demanding roles, with greater responsibilities, and with less competition for these roles.…

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Of All The Crazed Ideas – Wage Limits On Academic Talent Joining Industry

We have an interesting and useful proof of Feynman’s Contention here, that outside their own specialty scientists are just as dumb as the rest of us. Possibly worse given that their obvious intelligence in one field bleeds through into a belief in their competence in others where they’re ignorant.

Apparently we should have wage controls to make sure that good academics don’t go off and work in industry:

UK government urged to halt academic brain drain to tech firms
Imperial professor calls for tighter regulation on the salaries that tech companies can offer to researchers at Guardian event

Ghastly stupidity.…

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