America’s Mass Shootings Aren’t About Race – Nor, Therefore White Supremacy

An interesting piece out of academia looking at mass shootings in the United States. Some, obviously enough, are carried out by nutters. What people are nuts about – white supremacy for example – can vary. But given that the race of the perpetrators rather closely matches the racial mix of the country that’s because it’s what nutters are nuts about, not that the series of events is driven by that idea of or longing for white supremacy.…

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Washington Monthly – It’s Ideology That Explains Islamic Terror Attacks

This is what we must rather assume at least if we are to take seriously the argument on offer here. When a young disturbed white guy goes and shoots a people or two at a synagogue it’s ideology itself, that of white supremacy, that must be considered as the cause. That disgraceful action itself must be considered in the terms the shooter himself is using to explain why he’s doing it.

It’s not a matter of some young men being disturbed and using whatever to hang their disturbance on.…

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Facebook Must Define White Nationalism Before A Ban – Does, For Example, Brexit Count?

If you listen to some in British politics you will hear that Brexit – in fact the whole idea of not being subsumed into the European Federal State – is merely white nationalism. The same people who don’t want darkies on the street are the same people not wanting nice Belgians running the country and for the same reasons. Xenophobia, racism and just plain awfulness and, well, they’re nationalists, d’ye see?

The actual Prime Minister of the UK insisted that Ukip was just fruitcakes and closet racists – this just before that party beat his in a national election for the European Parliament.…

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Rep Steve King – Hey, Racists Have The Vote, Racists Deserve Their Representation In Congress

Apparently Representative Steve King is a racist, even a white supremacist. This according to ThinkProgress – you know the site run by John Podesta, the man who won the election for Hillary – which may or may not make the allegation true. I’m sure that ThinkProgress has managed to make some true statements over the years, possibly including the use of the word and or perhaps or. The result of this BadThink on the part of Rep King is that – according to Podesta’s posse – King should be thrown out of the House of Representatives.…

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