A Local Firefox Command to Make Links Visible


For those who would like the new website to call out links to external articles (such as the news article that gave rise to the Continental Telegraph article), you can code a standing order to do so in Firefox on your computer.

@-moz-document domain("continentaltelegraph.com") {
DIV.td-post-content A { color: blue !important }

The first line is a comment. Line 2 makes the section take effect only on views of Continental Telegraph. The -moz- identifies a Mozilla-only dialect; for all I know, the industry might have adopted this Mozilla feature and this bit might no longer be necessary. You can omit this line and the command will apply to all pages you visit, but few outside Continental Telegraph are likely to have the element that Line 3 identifies.

Line 3 identifies the page element of interest: Inside a DIVision of the appropriate type (td-post-content, the content of the post), any Anchor. The stuff inside curly braces can be any CSS style command. The !important is !important as it overrides style orders of the website. Line 4 terminates Line 2. If you get rid of Line 2, then get rid of Line 4.

The snippet can be placed inside the file userContent.css in the Firefox profile directory, if you can find it. Firefox for Android (Fennec) is dumbed-down and you can’t do this. I don’t know where to put the command on other browsers.

The standing order does not take effect until the first time you restart Firefox after editing the file.