Google+’s Death And The Failure Of Big Tech Monopoly Power


As we all know Big Tech just has so much power over our lives that those shrinking violets, the bureaucrats, must regulate it for our own good. The people who bring us the joys of the DMV should be detailing the rules by which we send cat pictures to Granny that is. Not a contention that really passes the smell test but then that’s true of most of politics, it stinks.

The contention is that Google, Facebook, Amazon etc, are so powerful, so monopolistic, that competition cannot arise, cannot thrive if it does, therefore government’s got to stamp on such market power. The problem with which is, well, Google+.

Google+, the search engine giant’s grand attempt at a social network, is finally shutting down, starting today. Google is living up to its earlier promise of beginning the shutdown on April 2 2019, and if things go according to its original plan, the network should be past tense after ‘a couple of months’. Even though the network never really resonated with its audience (the joke went that only Google employees use the network, and only because they have to), and the analysts only gave it a couple of months to live, Google+ somehow managed to stick around for good eight years. That is, if you consider being on life support ‘sticking around’.

So, consider what happened. One of those Big Tech companies, actually, one of them that’s Bigger Than God, tried to launch a product. One that people obviously wanted, social media’s not been a slouch in these recent years. It failed, failed dismally. The winners are companies that barely existed 8 years ago – Facebook was around but small, Twitter can’t remember. And WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap, most didn’t exist even.

That power of Big Tech to force stuff down our throats is what? And the case for the regulation of Big Tech as a result of their power is?