ASI : To Debunk The Nine Most Popular Arguments Against A Basic Income


That a universal basic income looks like a pretty cool idea unites many of both left and right. There are always those who come up with reasons why it ain’t so, of course. The Adam Smith Institute has a handy guide to answering these nine most popular arguments against a UBI:

1. Such a system removes the incentive to work

2. People are more likely to find work meaningless when it is no longer their main source of income

3. Such a scheme would be too costly to be feasible

4. Giving everyone money would lead to excessive inflation

5. A basic income would worsen poverty and inequality

6. There are political implications – excessively high levels of UBI/NIT would be promised by politicians to garner support

7. Increased costs from higher levels of welfare tourism

8. Basic income makes people more reliant on the state

9. Introducing basic income could create a ‘slippery slope’

Those are just the questions of course, the answers are all here.