Forecasts Are Not Facts


Seemingly no longer even capable of discerning that the predictions of Brexit disaster are forecasts and not facts, the Left has gone crazy.

They are now completely sold on the idea that these predictions are 100% accurate (despite the forecasters having been shown to be a) wrong repeatedly and b) politically-motivated) and actually seem to believe that these forecasts are guaranteed to come true in all respects.

Just as they believe that climate change forecasts for the next ten years are completely reliable, despite being made by people who told us ten years ago that we had 8 years to save the planet

How do we understand this phenomena?

Well, first we need to establish whether they are liars or fools.

Do they actually believe it, or are they faking it?

You might disagree, but I think the majority actually believe it.

Their strident insistence and panicky writhing is just too authentic – they mostly lack the oleaginous insincerity of a Cameron, Blair or Clegg, who clearly know damn well these predictions are laughable.

So………….we are looking at dupes. Useful idiots screaming soundlessly at the sky.

So given that these deluded leftists are incapable of perceiving their own incompetence, how do we deal with them?

Quietly and gently ask them if they understand that these are just predictions? As if they were mental patients?

Laugh in their faces?

I’m afraid not – they can no longer be reasoned with, and the situation is now too serious for levity. And three years of increasingly Machiavellian maneuverings has shown that these people are willing to impose their will on the nation based on little more than politically-motivated drivel.

The organised minority are going to try and impose their will on the disorganised majority, and it will happen in the same way Hemingway went bankrupt – slowly at first, and then all at once.

And having already seen the “slowly”, now we are about to see the “all at once”.

The only course is to press on while ignoring them – there is no longer anything to gain by engaging with them, as they are beyond reason.

Indeed, they believe that their view is not just valid, but popular!

Despite Change UK (CUK) going nowhere and The Brexit Party getting to 20% in five minutes, Remainiacs still think their managed polls show that their minority view is not just valid, but popular, and must therefore be allowed to prevail.

Like all organised minorities, they pretend they are the majority.

Will a small group of deeply-deluded fanatics be allowed to steer the UK into a political and economic cul-de-sac, or will the actual will of the people (dismissively called populism at this point) instead win through?

Finally, finally, after having our Brexit hard-on half-heartedly maintained for years by Treason May’s leprous handjobs, we are surely now just weeks away from knowing?