Government Efficiency – US To Take Two Years To Ask Migrant Kids Who Their Parents Are


The one great an unanswerable argument against allowing government to do anything is the efficiency with which government does anything. For example, the US government has been separating kids from their parents as border crossings are attempted. Whether that’s a good idea or not is for another time. At some point all agree that uniting parents and kids is a good idea. And how long does the US government think it’s going to take them? They’re asking for two years:

U.S. Says It Could Take 2 Years to Identify Up to Thousands of Separated Immigrant Families

Note that they’re not saying that it might take two years to get everyone sorted and together again. They’re insisting that they’re so on the ball, so efficient, that it will take them two years just to work out who everyone is.

The Trump administration wants up to two years to find potentially thousands of children who were separated from their families at the border before a judge halted the practice last year, a task that it says is more laborious than previous efforts because the children are no longer in government custody.

As ever, the argument against government doing anything is what government actually does.

“Who’s your Daddy?” doesn’t actually take 2 years now, does it?