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That a block of flats goes up in flames, many burnt to death as it does so, is not something to celebrate. Yet that simple observation also does not mean that we’ve got to sanctify all those who claim to have been harmed by the event. Indeed, given the outpouring of concern we need to be rather more observant about matters than less. Because:

Fifteen members of the same family are being investigated by fraud officers after receiving up to £1million in public funds by claiming they lived in a single flat in Grenfell Tower.

The Naqshbandi family, who are from Afghanistan, have been rehoused in at least three new homes in a luxury development furnished by John Lewis.

Well, yes.

Note that to express concern over this is not to then go on and insist that immigrants can or should be toasted without recompense. Nor even is it to make any comment about immigration at all. We do still need to examine claims of harm caused by the fire though and quite possibly be just a tad more cynical.

What we also don’t need is this sort of guff:

The UK government may have failed to comply with its international human rights obligations over the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 79 people and left hundreds homeless, the United Nations’ housing investigator has said.

Leilani Farha, the UN special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, told the Guardian she was concerned that international human rights standards on housing safety may have been breached, and could have been a factor in the causes of the tragedy last June.

She was concerned that residents had told her they had been excluded from decisions about housing safety issues before the fire and had not been engaged “in a meaningful way” by the authorities about their views and needs in its aftermath.

What does look remarkably like a scamster or 15 gains a million quid and this might be a breach of human rights? Perhaps we need to think up some word analagous to Brexit for that happy day when we also leave the United Nations?