We are realists, not conformists. That means we are pragmatic, possibly too much so, in our consideration of issues. We are interested in outcomes, not motives nor desires. we are also classical liberals, in that freedom and liberty are those desired outcomes.

We are a news site aimed both at those who share those desired outcomes and those who might not, as yet, understand the connection between the real world and how those are achieved.

The Editor of The Continental Telegraph is Tim Worstall

His Wikipedia page is here.

He has written for most of the British newspapers. The Times, Daily Telegraph, Express, Independent, Guardian and even, as a ghostwriter, for the Daily Sport. That last being the real badge of honour of course. He’s also written for a number of American papers, The WSJ, NYT, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Washington Examiner.

Magazine work includes some years at Forbes Online and The Register. Takimag, PandoDaily, CapX, Adam Smith Institute, and there is more out there available to the dedicated searcher.

There’s also a book or two around.

The Continental Telegraph’s London office is at
23 Great Smith Street,