£53.3 Million For The Garden Bridge Before Construction Even Started


There are many things we can say about the Garden Bridge project across the Thames. Who on Earth put up the money for it, for example. Why did they do so , who the hell let them get away with it even. For they spent £53.3 million on the idea without ever doing a single scrap of construction.

What we really should say about it is that this explains why houses are expensive, doesn’t it?

The charity behind a plan to build a garden bridge across the Thames in London spent £53.5m without even beginning full construction, final figures for the abandoned scheme have revealed. Of the total spent by the Garden Bridge Trust, £43m was public money – £24m from Transport for London and £19m from the Department for Transport, TfL said on Wednesday. The rest of the money came from donations to the trust, or fundraising activities. The final sum has been reached after an official review into the costs of ending and winding up the project, which collapsed amid acrimony in August 2017.

If you’ve got to spend £53 million piddling around with the bureaucracy before you start building then things that are built are going to be expensive, aren’t they?

So, to make British housing cheaper, hang the bureaucrats. But then that’s a good guide to life anyway….