Government To Ban Introductory Offers


That we’re ruled by idiots is obvious – all the clever people have better things to do with their lives than try politics. But it still amazes as to quite how stupid the people inhabiting the halls of power can be. For now they’re suggesting – insisting perhaps – that introductory offers must be banned:

Overcharging loyal customers will be banned under new plans unveiled by the Government

What is overcharging a loyal customer? Charging them more than a new one. What is an introductory offer? Charging a new customer less than an old one. They are, obviously enough, the same thing.

Overcharging loyal customers could be banned under new plans being unveiled this morning by the Government. The so-called “loyalty penalty”, where existing customers see their insurance premiums or mobile contracts increase in price or are charged more than new customers, costs consumers £4.1bn a year.

So, let us just run through this. You can, if you so wish, sign up with Amazon for a free trial of their Audible product. Audible Membership

Well, quite, Woo Hoo!

If you decide to keep it after the free trial you will be charged some amount of money for being a loyal customer. Those who turn up for the first time will – presumably – continue to be offered that free trial period. This is charging loyal customers more than new. This is offering a deal to new customers not available to extant ones. These are the same thing.

They’re also, by the standards government seems to be using, soon to be illegal.

Which is, of course, insane. And thus the proof that we’re ruled by idiots. But then we knew that, right?