What The Guardian Doesn’t Tell Us About The Crown Estate


An interesting little omission from The Guardian here:

Scores of complaints have been made about rented properties on royal land and tenants have faced more than 100 evictions, a Guardian investigation has found, prompting anger over how the Queen’s £14bn property portfolio is managed. The crown estate, which helps bankroll the Queen by giving the monarch 25% of its profits, has sought to evict 113 tenants in the past five years so they can sell their homes for profit.

Gives isn’t quite the right word there. It’s a deal – the Crown hands over the estate on a reign by reign basis, gets back a certain portion of the revenues.

The bit that’s being left out of course is who gets the other 75% of the profits? The Treasury.

So, the actual complaint is that tenants are being screwed to pay for diversity advisers. Odd The Guardian doesn’t put it that way really.