Taxi Ride Anyone?

So here we go again. Just as the dust settles on that deflating balloon that was the Lyft initial public offering along comes another taxi seeking your hard-earned pennies. We have the Uber roadshow! Bigger. Better and with more accessories than before, but still after your hard earned cash, as you can read here:

Uber is expected to seek $10 billion in IPO

Wow! You know that loose change you lost down the back of the sofa, well now’s the time to get the metal detector out and find it.…

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Jan Care*

Well, well, well, just look what’s happened!

That overhyped and touted IPO by Lyft is now in the doldrums. There’s this piece here by USA Today:

Need a Lyft? The stock price of ride-hailing company ends lower following last week’s IPO

According to USA Today on Monday the stock – launched at a mouth-watering $72 was trading down at $69—a fall of $3 from its IPO price, but $19.6 down from its peak of $88.6.…

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Up Lyft-ing

We’ve commented from our pit here about the arrival on the stock market of app-based ride-hailing companies. You may even have seen the promotion efforts going on about the forthcoming Lyft initial public offering. As we’ve commented before, this will bring to the public markets the first app riding service company. Alongside Uber and others, these companies are insurgents in the comfortable cartel world of taxi firms.

Now what caught our eye recently was this article in the New York Times:

Lyft and Pinterest Won’t Be Giving Shareholders Much Say

What’s going on here?…

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Heavy Lyft-ing

The future, so they say, is with the new economy. New ways of doing things will replace all the old ways in short order. But to do this, you’ve got to displace the existing system. Sometimes innovation brings something never seen before (think Amazon) or provides new ways of doing the same ol’ thing.

That last is the challenge facing the new breed of taxi companies. Sorry, they don’t call them that. They’re different. They’re the future.…

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