Ooops! – System Error Crashes Entire Electricity Grid Of Argentina And Uruguay

The entirety of two countries seems to be without electrical power this morning as a failure in the grid has left both Argentina and Uruguay completely bereft. This is the sort of failure we normally have to institute socialism to manage.

A massive power cut has hit Argentina and Uruguay and is believed to have left 48million people without electricity. The outage – believed to be the first of its kind – has caused trains to be halted and failures with traffic signalling, according to reports.

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That Virginia Beach Mass Shooting

Police say the gunman was a “disgruntled” employee of Virginia Beach’s public works department and shot “indiscriminately”.

Clearly we must reduce the amount of bureaucracy in life so as to reduce the amount of disgruntlement that leads to such mass shootings.

Virginia Beach shooting: 12 dead as gunman opens fire on colleagues

Can’t help thinking that they’d be better described as ex-colleagues.

Yes, pendantry is alive and well even in times of strife and terror.

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Interesting Question – Do Palestinians Have To Obey Planning Laws In Israel?

Unwrapping the truth from the standard left wing shrieking over Israel can be somewhat difficult. It’s not just that fine line between anti-Zionism and anti-semitism. Nor the manner in which so many Europeans seem to hate the only middle eastern state that is even remotely European in its standard of living etc. It’s near always necessary to peer through what is being said on the surface in order to winkle out what the underlying point is.…

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Freedom Gas, Molecules Of US Freedom – The New Words For US LNG Exports

The US Department of Energy either has a sense of humour or they’ve allowed a PR maven to run amok. For they’ve just issued a press release in which exports of LNG – liquefied natural gas – are described as “freedom gas” and “molecules of US freedom”. The really fun part of this being that the very issuance of the press release, the announcement that they’ve allowed the exports, is evidence of that lack of economic freedom they’re touting.…

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Whut? Seriously? American Jail Dehydrates Man To Death Over 8 Days

That mistakes happen, that the perverts and sadists get hired into the prison guard system, both are obviously true. But there’s one particularly chilling line in this story here. A mentally disturbed – in the throes of a full on mental blitz actually – prisoner started acting up. So, the jail decided to cut off his water supply. None. For 8 days.

Obviously enough he died:

The family of a Milwaukee man who died of dehydration after jailers shut off water to his cell has been paid $6.75

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The Emotional Support Dog Who Mauled Another Passenger – Well, That’s Emotional Support, Isn’t It?

The idea that people should be able to take their emotional support animals – otherwise known to normal people as pets – anywhere they damn well like was always an odd one. Where there’s a distinct physical necessity then sure, why not, guide dogs for the blind etc. But an emotional support horse on a plane? No, don’t laugh, someone tried it.

Then we also get stories like this:

A man who was allegedly attacked by an emotional support dog on a Delta Airlines flight has filed a lawsuit against the airline and the owner of the animal.

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Your Cut Out And Keep Kippah – Goyim Solidarity With Jews

This looks like a useful manner of telling the antisemites where to get off. A cut out and keep Kippah to be worn in solidarity. The back ground here is that some fool in Germany announced that in order to reduce the number of antisemitic attacks observant Jews should no longer wear the symbol of their observance. Imagine the outrage if someone said that Muslim women should leave off with the veil in order to – actually, we don’t have to imagine, do we?…

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What An Interesting Banking Situation In Ghana – Yes, It’s Politics

We do have to warn that our information source here is more than only slightly partial. But it does hang together, does make sense. Further, it does so in a manner that an independent number which is publicly known accords with the analysis.

So, how does a government get to buy lots of votes without pissing off the World Bank, IMF and so on, the people who are largely paying the government’s bills? The answer being to do the spending to buy the votes then not pay the bills for the spending.…

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Zimbabwe’s Dollar Problem – It’s Still Not A Free Market Exchange Rate

The government of Zimbabwe is complaining about how exporters are not repatriating foreign currency earned from those exports. The government of Zimbabwe manipulates the official exchange rate to keep it higher. The two points are not just connected they are the same thing. The exporters are not repatriating their foreign exchange earnings because the government of Zimbabwe manipulates the exchange rate upwards.

The Zimbabwean government is the cause of the very thing the Zimbabwean government complains about:

The current bank exchange rates for the RTGS$ today are as follows USD to RTGS$: 4.9516

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Jet Airways’ Banks May Need To Swallow A 75% Haircut On Their Loans

This sounds a little extraordinary, that the varied lenders to Jet Airways will need to swallow a 75% haircut on the loans they made to the company. It’s not on a trivial sum either, Rs 14,000 crore is mentioned as a total sum. The problem here being that there aren’t really all that many assets to back that up. This then telling us something about Indian banking, that politically favoured companies can indeed borrow in a manner that might not be all that economically wise.…

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