Nuts and Bolts

No, the headline isn’t about a bloke who’s had a few too many down at the pub head butting a drinker and then bolting the scene. We wish it was. A bit of violence might put you on edge for a moment or two. But what’s going on at Boeing; now that’s really scary. You see, it’s about the quality problems that are surfacing at Boeing.

A recent article by the Post and Courier available here suggests there are real issues with the way Boeing is quality assuring its airplane:

Airline surveys point to ongoing production problems at Boeing’s SC plant

Yes, those are the very things that you and I fly around in.…

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The True Glory Of This New Media Thing – Experts Get To Speak

The old system was that events were filtered through the understandings – and if you prefer, the prejudices – of the journalistic class and those who employed them. Today the expert can speak directly. For example, I know more about the market for and extraction of scandium than does any journalist. On the grounds that I’m actually a global expert in that subject, upon that point.

Or, as it happens, a friend of this site is an expert in train safety systems.

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