Remain Petition’s 6 Million Signers Include Nigel Farage, A Hitler (CBE) and Idi Amin – 700 Times

The usual federasts are making much of the Remain – cancel Article 50 that is – petition reaching 6 million signatures. This may not be all that much of an achievement as there’s no check to make sure that it’s actually a real person signing. Or a resident, someone with the right to vote or, even, just one very pissed off bloke with millions of email addresses. The result is that it’s been signed by one A Hitler (CBE), Nigel Farage apparently and Idi Amin, the King of Scotland himself, has arisen from the grave to scribble his name at least 700 times.…

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Cancel Brexit Petition 14 Million Signatures Short

That a rather large number of Britons don’t understand this democracy experiment is obviously true given the number who keep insisting we shouldn’t leave the European Union. Well, OK, insisting that it’s all a mistake is obviously compatible with democracy – electing Jezza PM would be a mistake but it would be democratic after all. But that a large number wish to overturn something we’ve already had a referendum about, that is indeed to be missing the point of the experiment, of having the properly counted vote in the first place.…

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The Maximum Brexit Delay is Three Months- Or We Elect MEPs

This is an interesting little circumstance. If we stay in the European Union then of course we’ve got to have elections to elect Members of the European Parliament. We also have to offer up a Commissioner. Obviously, if we’re not going to stay in then we don’t have to do either of those two things.

If we continue to dither then how long can we do so before the necessity of resolving this question comes to ahead?…

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Brexit Delay Won’t Work Either – No Deal It Is On March 29 Then. Huzzah!

A point we’ve consistently been making around here is that Brexit – to be devoutly desired of course – currently means leaving, without a deal, on March 29. This year too. All of the work that’s been done by the federasts to insist upon a meaningful vote in Parliament, the necessity of a majority for whatever deal there is, has meant that without such a positive vote in favour of something then it’s reversion to the default.…

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Let’s Not Delay Brexit Until 2021 – That Would Be To Not Have Brexit

The general European Union reaction to anything contradicting the European Project is as with a maiden aunt and nephews farting – to ignore what cannot possibly have just happened. It is this which drove the insistence on repeating earlier referenda until the right answer was returned as in the Dutch, French and Irish cases. It is this driving again the suggestion that Brexit should simply be delayed. Until perhaps 2021 in this latest case:

Brexit could be delayed until 2021, EU sources reveal

The underlying argument being that perhaps by then we’ll all have forgotten about it.…

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That’s Nice, UK Can Unilaterally Revoke Article 50 – We Can Stay!

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Britain can in fact unilaterally revoke – that means, ooops, sorry, our mistake, we didn’t mean it, can we take a mulligan? – Article 50. This means that with a wave of the wand we can all breathe a sigh of relief as we don’t have to leave the European Union. Federasts everywhere will rejoice.

Except this doesn’t, of course, solve the basic point. A plurality of the country voted to leave.…

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