US Decides To Follow International Law On Asylum Seekers

There is going to be the most almighty catfight about this, the Trump Administration has decided to implement standard international law on asylum seekers:

The Trump administration says asylum-seeking immigrants from Central America must first apply for refugee status in the first country or countries they enter, rather than at the U.S. border. The new federal rule will likely face court challenges, opening a new front in the battle over U.S. immigration policies. The interim final rule will take effect immediately after it is published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, according to the departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

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The Lesbian Deported For Ugandan Discussions With A Man

This story is just quite lovely, so many levels to it. There is, obviously enough, the Private Eye fnarr fnarr over Ugandan discussions:

A lesbian asylum seeker kicked out of the UK because she was caught in bed with a man

Said lesbian originating from Uganda of course.

And yes, that particular joke does go one stage further:

In his judgment, Mr Justice Lewis recorded that the woman’s response to questioning over her relationship with the man was that they had not had sex but that she was considering getting pregnant.

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Sajid Javid Is Right – Channel Crossers Are Not Legitimate Asylum Seekers

To find oneself agreeing with the Home Sectreary – any Home Secretary, of any party or indeed century – is to find oneself questioning one’s own sanity. Sensible people just don’t agree with whatever it is that happens to people once they’re in charge of the police. However, it is also true that Sajid Javid is correct here. People who are trying to cross the Channel in small boats just aren’t legitimate asylum seekers. That’s just not how the international system works:

The home secretary has questioned whether migrants using small boats to cross the English Channel are “genuine” asylum seekers.

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Iranians Crossing The Channel By Dinghy – Asylum Claims To Be Rejected

Five plucky Iranians have crossed the Channel in a dinghy in order to be able to claim asylum in our sceptered isle. This is a claim which should be rejected out of hand. No, not because they’re Iranian, not because asylum shouldn’t be granted where it is justified and not because of any idea that foreigners shouldn’t just be allowed to turn up as they wish. Rather, because they should have claimed asylum in France, if not before, and that’s just the way the system works.…

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EU’s Migration Crisis Is Same Size As Roman Empire’s Goth Invasion

That the European Union is having problems with its refugee policy is pretty obvious. This past week it’s been suggested that Angela Merkel could lose her job over the issue for example. The thing is though, it’s a real problem. One that doesn’t have any obvious solution that will please everyone. There are certain duties in international law, certain problems with the manner in which EU law works and even a certain dissonance between varied claims about what is moral and righteous to do.…

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