There’s A Simple Solution To Ethiopia’s Low Coffee Prices

It is entirely true that coffee growers in poor places don’t receive very much from the sale of a cup of java in a coffee shop. But then that’s true of pretty much anyone who grows something. The wheat farmer’s getting some pittance of a part of the value of a Big Mac, the barley farmer sees near nothing of a pint of foaming in the pub. There’s nothing odd nor unusual in the people adding the value to the raw product gaining the value that’s being added after all.…

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Ethiopia’s FX Black Market – Why Not Just Free The Exchange Rate?

Ethiopia has been cracking down on the black market in foreign exchange in that country. A more sensible idea would be to simply move to a single free market foreign exchange rate – that in itself meaning simply free the market from the current restrictions.

The reason why not to do this is that it removes the privilege that the state sector – and thus all those who benefit from that sector, up to and including politicians – gains from the current controlled market.…

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