Electricity Blackouts, Price Caps, No Coal and Renewables

Just a little thought really, sparked by this placing of stories on the Telegraph’s website:

Electricity problems

What could the connection be?

Possibly that price caps discourage investment in a sector. That planning the insistence upon no coal and the use of renewables leads to instability in supply – and thus frequency – both of which lead to the risk of blackouts.

Aren’t we all so lucky that the authorities have taken no notice whatsoever of the settled science on climate change and decided to solve the problem by having a carbon tax.…

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South Africa’s Continuing Power Cuts – The Result Of An Orgy Of Looting The State

South Africa is currently suffering rolling power blackouts and there’s no good indication when this will end. In fact, South Africans are being told that load shedding is just a fact of life and they’ll have to put up with it. Load shedding being, in the jargon, the statement that there’ll be no power for you today laddies.

How did it come to this? It’s a result of the massive and sustained looting of the State in recent years.…

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Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism – Venezuela’s Power Cut Is Your Fault

Of course that four day power cut in Venezuela is being blamed on the Yankee Imperialists for there never could be anything wrong with socialism, could there? And if you do want to reduce a nation and people to penury then that Bolivarian socialism does indeed seem to be the way to go. It’s proven very effective at it after all.

The thing being that it’s not the action of outsiders which has led to this disaster, it’s inherent in the basic economic design which has been imposed.…

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Yes, Chavez And Maduro Caused Venezuela’s Power System Collapse

The entirety of Venezuela’s ruling class is standing around with “Who, me?” looks on their faces as the country is plunged into darkness, the power system and the grid entirely fail to deliver electricity at all. The point being that yes, it’s you. The Bolivarian socialists have caused this. This is not the result of some attack by foreign capitalist pig dogs, is not some random occurrence that can strike anyone. It’s a direct result of their own previous economic policies.…

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