Nuts and Bolts

No, the headline isn’t about a bloke who’s had a few too many down at the pub head butting a drinker and then bolting the scene. We wish it was. A bit of violence might put you on edge for a moment or two. But what’s going on at Boeing; now that’s really scary. You see, it’s about the quality problems that are surfacing at Boeing.

A recent article by the Post and Courier available here suggests there are real issues with the way Boeing is quality assuring its airplane:

Airline surveys point to ongoing production problems at Boeing’s SC plant

Yes, those are the very things that you and I fly around in.…

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What’s So Important About Women Executives That Not Having Them Should Be A Crime?

It might well be desirable that women have an equal chance in this life. I tend to think so, we around here take that as a given actually. You know, given that we’re liberals. But equal opportunity and equal outcomes are not the same thing, not at all. Which is what makes this insistence about women in boardrooms so suspect:

City heavyweights have called on the next prime minister to punish companies that continue to keep women out of the boardroom.

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