That Joyous Shutdown – Trumps Border Wall Would Have No Effect Anyway

At least, when we study earlier attempts to close off that US/Mexico border we find that a border wall would have an effect pretty much indistinguishable from zero. Makes that government shutdown all worth it, doesn’t it? We just get less government for a bit – what a shame:

Border walls
Treb Allen, Caue Dobbin, Melanie Morten 14 January 2019

A vigorous debate exists about the economic benefits of building a border wall between the US and Mexico.…

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Trump’s Border Wall Speech In Full – Not Quite Ronnie’s Tear That Down Mr. Gorbachov But…

Of American Presidents who have made speeches about walls we think we prefer Ronald Reagan’s in front of the Brandenburg Gate to Donald Trump’s about the border wall. But still, at least The Donald isn’t arguing for one to keep us in as the other one was designed to do. At which point, what he has actually said, that border wall speech in full:

And for those who prefer reading to listening to the Leader of the Free World:

My fellow Americans,

Tonight, I am speaking to you because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.…

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What We Really Learn About America From a GoFundMe Border Wall Campaign

The Atlantic treats us to a discussion of what we learn about America from a GoFundMe campaign to fund the border wall – that, well, something, blather. And the article entirely manages to miss the main point – Americans aren’t willing to spend $5 billion of their money on a border wall. Therefore, presumably, $5 billion shouldn’t be spent upon a border wall. This being something that you’d think would accord with The Atlantic’s extant prejudices – with mine too but that’s another matter – which makes it a slightly odd thing for them to miss:

What a Border-Wall GoFundMe Campaign Says About America
A far-fetched online fund-raiser shows the lengths to which Americans will go to circumvent the country’s broken systems.

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