United Way Alice – How We Get Truly Insane Economic Statistics From The Left

This is courtesy of, because of course it is, Robert Reich:

As a result, almost 30 million Americans still lack health insurance, nearly 51 million households can’t afford basic monthly expenses including housing, food, child care, and transportation.

Agreed that American health care could do with some work. But that second part. 51 million households is nearly half the country. And while there’s a homelessness problem it can’t possibly be true that there’re 51 million households without housing.…

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Why Isn’t Granny Daycare A Long Term Solution? It’s What Grannies Evolved For

The great complaint about the financial crisis – one that doesn’t actually stand up but still – was about the socialisation of losses and costs, the privatisation of benefits and profits. Which is exactly what is being demanded here over childcare, that it should be the rest of society which picks up the costs and losses, the individual gaining the benefits who gets to keep the profits. Plus there seems to be a certain confusion here about how grandmothers actually evolved.…

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George Monbiot’s Advice – Ignore The State And Its Regulations, She’ll Be Right

We thought this was interesting as an injunction about how to make the world work better. Simply ignore the State, its regulations, the clipboard wielders and she’ll be right, the world will be a better place.

He’s talking about how the people are doing it for themselves, that Burkean idea that the little platoons organise and manage society better than any central office can. Not that he realises this of course, for to do so would be to say that the conservatives, the free marketeers, have a point.…

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