Why Zuckerberg Refused To Give Evidence To Parliament – Why Bother With The British?

Damian Collins is getting all hot under the collar about people not thinking he’s quite as important as he thinks he is. For Collins wants to make sure that anyone asked to come and give evidence to a Commons committee must do so – at risk of actual and real punishment if they don’t.

To which the correct response is, of course, bugger off matey.

The Zuckerberg issue is easy to explain:

Another snub came from Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook.

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Shock, Horror, Trump Inaugural Donations Were 0.075% Illegal!

The hunt for a smoking gun to show that Trump – and all those rubes in Flyover Country who voted for him – can be dismissed continues. The latest Shock, Horror, finding from The Guardian being that three donations of $25,000 each to the Inaugural Committee were potentially illegal, coming as they did from foreigners who weren’t allowed to so donate.

For those not up with how this works, the Inaugural Committee organises the jamboree for the new presidency.…

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Oh Dear, What A Pity, Brexit Means We Can’t Screw Up Trade

A committee of the House of Commons is very worried that Brexit means we’ll not be able to cock up trade. This does seem like an odd thing to worry about but then political management of trade is about cocking it up, nothing else. And it is politicians complaining about the fact that they’ll not have the power to so cock up – and that they’d better be given it pronto.

We, the rest of us, should be telling them to go boil their heads.…

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