We Must Get The Employment Effect Of Technology Right

From Our Swindon Correspondent:

No, This Simply isn’t Right

From The Guardian

We have now lived through what one might call Automation 1.0. The paradigmatic example is car manufacturing. Henry Ford’s production line metamorphosed into Toyota’s “lean machine” and thence to the point where few humans, if any, are visible on an assembly line. Once upon a time, the car industry employed hundreds of thousands of people. We called them blue-collar workers. Now it employs far fewer.

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Desperately Sad Research About The Internet And Economic Growth – It Doesn’t Produce It

That’s one way of looking at this piece of research out of Australia. The internet doesn’t produce any economic growth therefore everyone should stop investing in it. Which is a pretty sad conclusion to reach really. Fortunately, reality is rather better than this, it’s the research itself which is sad, not the result. That sadness being that they’ve entirely missed what everyone already knows about the effects of the internet – and ICT more generally – on the economy.…

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