Of Course Ghana Can Eliminate Corruption – Just Make It Not Worth It

The Attorney General has said that it would be impossible to eliminate corruption in Ghana. If we mean completely eliminate then yes, of course, we humans never manage to completely eliminate anything other than dodos. But if we mean get rid of it to the level where it’s simply not a problem, not something we even note any more, then yes, that’s entirely possible. The trick is to make it not worth being corrupt. Either reduce the rewards or increase the punishments until we get to that point.…

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South Africa’s Transnet – Beware State Ownership And Political Management

Transnet is the government owned parastatal transport company in South Africa – railways ports, that sort of thing. Current allegations are that the management appointed to the company essentially looted it. Which is an interesting warning about government ownership itself and the associated political appointment of management. For it does rather matter who the politicians are and who they appoint on that political basis:

The parastatal’s board chair says some executives were professional thieves and went to work only to loot the company.

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Oh, The Joy, The Irony – Kenyan MP Johnny Savula Arrested Over Advertising Graft

In common with a number of other poor places Kenya is wracked with corruption in public office. This being one of the things which goes along with poverty, the government splashing the tax revenues into the pockets of the governors rather than just wasting it normally like all other governments. We’ve a story here though which is just joyous with the irony of it. One of the more populist of the current MPs, Ayub Savula, has been detained in a case concerning the lifting of part of the government’s advertising budget.…

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It’s Possible To Measure How Terrible Corruption Makes Public Services

Reprinted from VoxEU:

Public procurement: Discretion may have its limitations

Audinga Baltrunaite, Cristina Giorgiantonio, Sauro Mocetti, Tommaso Orlando 26 July 2018

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What’s The Moral Equivalency Between Clinton Cash And Trump Treasure?

It’s not entirely obvious that there’s a moral equivalency between the manner in which the Clintons earned money and the way the Trumps are doing so. This isn’t stopping people from asserting that the two are the same – actually, that the Trumps are worse for of course they are. The latest screecher on this point being Jill Abramson:

I’m feeling nostalgic for Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speaking fees. Remember when we got our ethical knickers in a twist over Clinton’s $225,000 (£170,000) Wall Street speeches?

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