Mother Loses Children For Working Too Hard – Matriarchy Or Patriarchy?

A case from Spain in which a court has awarded sole custody to the ex-husband rather than the mother. The argument being that she works too hard as a lawyer to be caring for the children sufficiently. This bringing into rather sharp focus the clash between career progression – something that requires dedicated hard work – and the needs of children for care.

It would, for example, be entirely unfair if a woman were to lose custody in a manner in which a man would not.…

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Men Are Subject To Coercive Relationships Too You Know

This isn’t what our intrepid feminist campaigners were hoping would happen with recent legislation about coercive relationships. For some of those, you know, it’s always the men being controlling and the men being beastly. That being a definition of a certain sort of feminism, that men are beastly don’cha know.

The thing being that of course in anything as complex as human relationships it’s never going to be just the one side, sex or gender which is controlling.…

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