Why Not Trade In The Care Of The Demented?

At one level – and this is the level the politicians will use – this is ludicrous. The elderly and demented sent 10,000 miles away to be cared for? Brits in care homes in Thailand?

In the manner we really should be thinking about this well, why the hell not?

British families are sending elderly relatives with dementia overseas to Thailand in a small but growing trend.

Researchers visiting private care homes in Chiang Mai have found eight homes where guests from the UK are living thousands of miles away from their families, because suitable care in their home country was impossible to find or afford.

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Alzheimer’s And LATE Disease – What Is A Disease And What A Collection Of Symptoms?

New research tells us that hundreds of thousands we describe as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are in fact possessors of something rather different, LATE. This being an important distinction if only we’re mentally sharp enough to remember it. It’s also something not unusual – in fact it’s the way medicine has been working ever since we passed the Ju-Ju Man stage of that science. For we do continually find that what we’ve been thinking of as a disease is in fact merely – or importantly perhaps – a collection of symptoms.…

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