Ed Davey’s Lib Dem Mistake On Public Services

Ed Davey wants to tell us all that Brexit would be a mistake. Well, even since he actually was a minister in government we’ve known that he’s a loon. The question is only ever which lunacy is her perpetrating today?

Here it’s that Brexit will shrink the economy. Hmm, well, no, it won’t, not if we go full Minford but OK, we’ll take it as the starting point of the argument.

So, the economy’s smaller, we’ve the same number of people.…

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Ed Davey’s Brexit Argument – The Establishment Must Gang Up Against The People

Ed Davey – known as he is as such a good reader of the political wind – has just reminded us why there’s been that populist surge in recent years. Because what the people wanted to talk about, what the people wanted the politicians to deal with, isn’t what the establishment of politicians cared to concern themselves with. Often enough, that establishment directly acting against the wishes of that populace.

Thus the irruption of elections at which the populists win, the establishment doesn’t.…

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