The Brexit Fish For Finance Deal – Nope, Bugger Off

The European Union is floating the idea that they’ll ask for access to British fishing waters in return for allowing The City to sell in Europe. There being two problems with this. The first is that those passports to sell in Europe aren’t actually needed – it’s trivially simple to engineer full access now, as it is. The second is that it’s an entirely absurd idea anyway.

The EU’s trade commissioner has suggested there could be a last-minute trade-off with Brussels offering the City of London access to European markets in return for European fleets retaining their fishing rights in British waters.

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Gove’s Plan For Post-Brexit 200 Mile Fishing Grounds Is Just Standard International Law

Michael Gove is announcing that post-Brexit the UK will have a 200 mile fishing limit, within which the fish are British. And it gets to be Britain who decides who can fish them. This is not odd nor unusual – it’s that we don’t currently claim such rights which is. For Gove is just restating standard international law here:

Britain will ‘own’ the sea and the fish in it up to 200 miles from the coast for the first time in decades after the UK leaves the European Union, under plans set out today.

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How To Kill The EU – Enforce The EU’s Laws

If you were – say because you hate the institution – to sit down and try to work out a way to kill off the European Union then what would the scheme you come up with look like? The most obvious one is simply to demand, insist upon and enforce a rigid obedience to each and every, to the last whit and iota, of the laws that the EU itself has passed. It wouldn’t be long before every populace was ready for that final assault upon Brussels, would it?…

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As Even The Environmentalists Agree, We Should Privatise Fisheries Regulation

This isn’t the way that most people will understand this but it is the way that it is. We should be privatising the regulation of fisheries by privatising the fish. For we’ve – again but this time from the environmentalists – the insistence that a profitable fishery is one with a higher level of fish in it than purely the sustainable level. Or rather, the optimal fishery stock for profit is higher than that for mere sustainability.…

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