If Only Frances Ryan – Or The Guardian – Knew Anything About Economics

That some people have differing views than us capitalist pig dogs is fine, just fine. We are, after all, the liberals around here, freedom and liberty mean that people do indeed have the right to disagree with us. But it is views, morals, desires, which are free to choose, not the basic facts about the universe. You know, those facts which are sacred rather than the comment which is free?

Which brings us to The Guardian, its columnists, and our exemplar for the day, Frances Ryan.…

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The Biscuit Fund Is A Gloriously Conservative Victory

It can be difficult to work out what is conservative these days. The Conservative Party sure as hell ain’t, but what is? Amusingly, it’s the darlings of the progressive left which are truly conservative. We could always hope that it’s the progressive left which has woken up of course, realised that it is actually conservatism which works but that’s much too much to hope for. This is probably just because it’s in opposition to the Conservative Party.…

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