Poor Little Snowflakes – Modern Language GCSEs Are Too Hard For Them

Today’s particularly idiot complaint is that modern language GCSEs are too hard for the current snowflake generation. Well of course modern languages are hard you fools. It takes us 14 years to learn our native language to the level we start to study GCSEs in it so what the hell makes anyone think the same can be achieved in two hours a week for two years?


But of course matters are worse than this, for the people complaining are also insisting that everyone else in the university system – actually, including themselves – are idiots.…

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Labour’s Lucy Powell Insists Universities Are Thick As Pigsh**

There’s really no way around this, the Labor MP Lucy Powell is claiming, nay insisting, that all the universities in the country are entirely as thick as pigstercore*. Not just them either. Also every business in the country, or at least their Human Resources departments. And she’s got a point on that last perhaps.

The underlying whinge is that GCSEs and iGCSEs are different exams of different perceived difficulty. State schools aren’t allowed to do the iGCSE while private can.…

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Labour Insists The University Admissions System Is Staffed By The Ignorant

There could be a certain amount of truth to this contention, that the British university system is staffed by the ignorant. We think particularly of Bath Spa University which has been offering £750 sign ups to new students – commit to the government paying £27,000 in fees, you paying that back in dribs and drabs, and we’ll give you £750 in cash now.

Hmm, actually, that’s a very decent gaming of the system, not a sign of ignorance at all.…

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