GoFundMe Bans Israel Folau’s Outrageous Homophobia And Gay Hate

Isn’t this just such a lovely example of today’s liberal public settlement? If you are guilty of wrongthink then you’re banned from using the usual societal tools. Even, banned from using the tools which many use to establish, in the courts and the law, their rights.

Sure and of course any private business can deny the custom of anyone they like. But that such are being banned on such nakedly political grounds might give us all a little pause for thought.…

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What We Really Learn About America From a GoFundMe Border Wall Campaign

The Atlantic treats us to a discussion of what we learn about America from a GoFundMe campaign to fund the border wall – that, well, something, blather. And the article entirely manages to miss the main point – Americans aren’t willing to spend $5 billion of their money on a border wall. Therefore, presumably, $5 billion shouldn’t be spent upon a border wall. This being something that you’d think would accord with The Atlantic’s extant prejudices – with mine too but that’s another matter – which makes it a slightly odd thing for them to miss:

What a Border-Wall GoFundMe Campaign Says About America
A far-fetched online fund-raiser shows the lengths to which Americans will go to circumvent the country’s broken systems.

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