If Matt Hancock Misdiagnoses The Problem Then He’ll Not Fix The NHS Will He?

Matt Hancock, the health minister does rather like his apps, and this one’s a beauty

A new NHS waiting times app will soon see patients choose where they seek urgent treatment. Under the new rules, patients will be able to view live accident and emergency times via a phone app called WaitLess and choose which hospital to travel to. It is hoped that the new feature, which also allows patients to view the time it would take to arrive at their chosen hospital, will help over-strained A&E departments tackling the growing problem of treatment waiting times.

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NHS Fax Machine Ban – Just What’s Needed, More Dictat And Centralised Control

The National Health Service has been told that it cannot buy any more fax machines and really must get with the programme by upgrading to email and the like. The problem with this is that it’s simply more of what most ails the National HS which is centralised control and dictat. This is, of course, inevitable in a National HS which is run by politicians. Command and control becomes the default option, something unfortunate as command and control isn’t the way to run large organisations.…

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