Homelessness And Care In The Community

A troubling finding, that some half of the homeless have suffered traumatic brain injury. Perhaps this care in the community idea wasn’t all that sensible after all?

Half of all homeless people may have suffered a traumatic brain injury at some point in their life, according to new research – which experts say could be either a consequence or even the cause of their homelessness.

Traumatic brain injury is sudden damage caused by a blow or jolt to the head, which can be caused by a motor accident, a fall or an assault.

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To Explain Homelessness To Poppy Noor

This shouldn’t need doing as Poppy Noor does in fact have the background and knowledge here. It’s rather that she chooses not to use it instead of her actually not knowing.

Why do we have so many homeless in Britain? By which we both mean rough sleepers, not those Shelter talks about, those who have housing that’s not quite up to scratch. Why those four to eight thousand sorta numbers sleeping outside on any one night?…

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Of Course Ocasio Cortez Is Shocked – Payment For Line Holding Is Rationing By Price

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is shocked, she says, that lobbyists pay homeless people to wait in line for Congressional hearings. Well, of course AOC is shocked. This is voluntary exchange, this is how markets work – it’s also rationing by that most efficient method, price. Given that she’s either unaware of or disagrees with each of these parts of reality she’s shocked that this is how people operate.

Note that this is just what people do – this isn’t to say that this is operators manipulating or anything, this is just part of the operations manual for a collection of humans.…

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Remarkable Evidence Of Welfare State Working – 130,000 Children In Temporary Accommodation For Christmas

Here’s a story to warm the cockles of even Scrooge’s heart as we contemplate the 130,000 children who will be in temporary accommodation this Christmas. Isn’t the British welfare state doing well in clearing up the potential problem of homelessness?

Yes, we know, we take some stick around here for repeatedly mentioning Worstall’s Fallacy. That we need to take account of what we already do to solve a problem before we can decide how much more we need to do.…

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Complete Nonsense From Shelter – Britain Does Not Have 320,000 Homeless

Shelter has a very annoying indeed habit of claiming vast numbers – 320,000 today – of homeless people when in fact this is the number of people that we’ve saved from being homeless through the useful trick of having a welfare state. The correct response to this sort of lie is for us to be shouting “Bulls**t!” at the top of our voices until Shelter changes its ways and starts reporting upon reality. Not that they will however loudly we scream for they’re a charity which gains funding from the fact that there is indeed homelessness.…

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Britain Does Not Have 120,000 Children Homeless During The School Holidays

We have a claim here that there are more than 120,000 children in Britain who are homeless during the school holidays. This is, of course, an indictment of capitalism, The Man and Tory Austerity. It’s also entirely untrue. To a reasonable level of rounding the number of homeless schoolchidren in Britain is zero. Because we have a system which at least attempts to deal with those without a roof over their heads and it’s pretty good, as a system, at providing a roof for children to sleep under.…

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Prime Trolling – Arm The Homeless With Shotguns

The point of politics, in that ethereal state of perfection which does not actually exist, is to propose and then enact collective solutions to problems which cannot be solved through individual or voluntary action. Then we’ve got the usual grasping monstrosities who actually get elected. But still some do try, however fitfully, to offer actual policies which will solve actual problems as a means to their gaining the office enabling them to enact such policies. Naive rubes of course, but still some try.…

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