Tu Quoque – The Lad Treated On The Floor Of The Hospital

Apparently, that the National Health Service is not very good at providing health service is proof that the country is descending into fascism:

What we’re seeing here is deeply disturbing. In response to a story it doesn’t like, the Conservative Party – or more likely, a separate organisation with plausible deniability of its connections to the Conservative Party – is trying to bury it not with spin, but with outright lies and defamation. Those lies are coming from a range of sock puppet accounts on multiple social networks and their message is then amplified by tame journalists.

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Today’s Lefty Insistence – Government Are Total And Entire Idiots

We are alerted to this insistence by the Senior Lecturer at Islington Technical College. The underlying point being made is that government are entire, total and complete idiots.

Private hospitals are not businesses but charities so are unsurprisingly exempt from business rates. Yet surely NHS hospitals are not businesses either? It is another example of a purposely skewed unlevel playing field where the NHS is looked upon to ‘compete’ with private hospitals but with automatically higher overheads.

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Maine Hospital Has Nine Pregnant Nurses – Not All That Surprising Really

A hospital in Maine has nine of their nurses all pregnant at the same time. So, Yay! for diversity and men taking on traditionally women’s jobs then. Or, perhaps, we could mull over the statistical unlikeliness of this. The answer to which is that it’s obviously unusual at any one hospital. But it’s going to happen often enough when we consider the number of hospitals, number of nurses, there are out there.

That’s just how large numbers work:

Nine nurses who work in the labor and delivery unit of a Maine hospital are expecting babies of their own in the next few months.

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Shocker! Rural NHS Report Says Rural NHS Should Have More Cash

One way of reading this report is to insist that sure, rural services aren’t going to be as good as urban ones. On the other hand the air out there is likely to be better, brays are better than boom boxes as a soundtrack, the green and pleasant land has its merits over urban grit. Take the rough with the smooth folks, all of life is a series of trade offs.

That’s not quite how it works of course, so we get this:

Patients who live in the country are getting a raw deal because rural hospitals are under-funded, research suggests.

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Hospital Parking Charges Rip Off – But Why Charge At All?

Hospitals are rather killing off that idea of the National Health Service being free to all by charging inordinate sums for parking at them. Something which does rather leave us with the question of why there are charges at all? The answer being that we have to look to our old friend, Chesterton’s Fence. Work out why charges were first introduced. Only if we can then say that this reason no longer applies can we decide to abolish whatever it is that we’re complaining about.…

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Child Tooth Extraction In Hospital Lies – Because the Rules Changed about Anaesthesia

We have the rending of garments over the rise in the number of children who are having teeth extracted in hospital. This is being blamed on both a decline in the amount of money on offer to dentists and the rise in the amount of sugar in the nation’s diet. The problem with the story? There’s less sugar in the nation’s diet, kiddies’ teeth are better than they have been for centuries and there’s no rise in extractions.…

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