So Here’s A Nice Lie About The National Health Service

We’re used to lies about the NHS of course – Wonder of the World it is, so much so that no one copied the system. It’s more efficient to have no competition when the NHS is actually worst among rich nation systems at actually curing people – mortality amenable to health care.

But here’s a nice one. We can see what the argument coming down the pike will be. If private fertility clinics cost the NHS money then we should either tax the private fertility clinics, or close them down, to save the NHS.…

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IVF Reduces The Number Of Adoptions – Abortion Reduces The Need

Changes in reproductive technology change the number of reproductions, that’s obvious enough. And so it is with this report about how the existence of IVF is reducing the number of adoptions. People who are now able – as their earlier counterparts were not (we can’t, for obvious reasons, call them their forbears) – to have children are less desirous of filling that hole in their lives by taking in other peoples’ children. This isn’t a great surprise to anyone who thinks about this for more than a moment.…

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