Kenya’s Very Silly Ban On Second Hand Car Imports

Kenya has a strange – silly even – ban on the import of certain second hand cars. Even if we accept – which we don’t – the reasoning behind the ban on cars over a certain age that’s still the wrong way to achieve the desired goal. Thus, yes, the system is silly.

The aim, the declared one at least, is to reduce emissions. OK, let’s run with that for the moment. So, cars that are older than 8 years cannot be imported.…

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Oh, The Joy, The Irony – Kenyan MP Johnny Savula Arrested Over Advertising Graft

In common with a number of other poor places Kenya is wracked with corruption in public office. This being one of the things which goes along with poverty, the government splashing the tax revenues into the pockets of the governors rather than just wasting it normally like all other governments. We’ve a story here though which is just joyous with the irony of it. One of the more populist of the current MPs, Ayub Savula, has been detained in a case concerning the lifting of part of the government’s advertising budget.…

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Quite Glorious, Oxfam Received Tax Relief For Moving Its Headquarters

It’s an entirely standard complaint among the righteous that corporations abuse tax reliefs by demanding them for moving to a particular place. This robs the revenue of – well, we can all fill in that part, can’t we? A little looking around and we’d have no problem in finding Oxfam itself railing against such practices. And there’s justice to the complaint too. If tax reliefs are necessary to get someone to set up in business somewhere then why not extend that relief to all who would set up in business there?…

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