Labour’s Spending Plans Are “Physically Impossible”

So says Paul Johnson of the IFS at least, telling us that it’s simply not possible to ramp up public spending by £50 billion a year rapidly.

He’s right of course:

However, Mr McDonnell was committed to far higher spending, Mr Johnson said. “The capacity of the public sector to spend that effectively and in short order must be in doubt. There is next to no chance that investment spending could sensibly be increased by more than £50 billion a year within a year or two,” he said.

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Labour’s Insulate Every House Idea Won’t Work – Most Already Are

From our Swindon Correspondent:

Labour has drawn up plans for what it claims would be the biggest overhaul of housing since the second world war, with a plan to install loft insulation, double glazing and renewable technologies in almost all of the UK’s 27m homes.

The party says that the Warm Homes for All scheme will create 450,000 jobs over the next decade. Under the plans, low-income households would be able to apply for a grant, paying no upfront costs.

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So, Labour Wants To Steal All The Money From Eton

To be against private schools, well, chacun a son gout as the enemy say. That parents sending their kids to them also already pay the taxes to fund the state education system is one of those things people like to conveniently forget. But, you know, we must eliminate privilege and all that.

So says a part of Labour. But that’s not all they’re saying either:

While Labour’s current policies include adding VAT to school fees, the motion urges Labour to “go further to challenge the elite privilege of private schools and break up the establishment network that dominates the top professions”.

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To Remind Labour – And Greens – Jobs In Renewables Are A Cost, Not A Benefit

To understand economics it is necessary only to grasp the two points – incentives matter, there are always opportunity costs. Grasp just those and you’ll be doing better than most people who actually work as economists.

An implication – a result really – of that second is that jobs are a cost, not a benefit. Human labour is a scarce resource – that’s why we’ve got to pay for it. There’s not enough of it to go around to do everything that we’d like to do with human labour.…

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Prison Labour Isn’t Going To Help British Farmers Pick Fruit Post-Brexit

The thought that prison labour, on day release, might be a solution to the distressing lack of Eastern Europeans post-Brexit on British farms is an interesting one. It appears at least to be a viable solution. And yet it commits that basic fallacy of thinking that human labour is homogenous, that we can just assign whomever to whatever and the job gets done. This rather striking against the grain of the one thing we know makes us truly rich, the division and specialisation of labour.…

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Labour’s Price Trick With Nationalising Electricity And Gas Networks

That the Labour Party wants to renationalise the electricity and gas networks is true. That the Labour Party is insane is true. Even, that the Labour Party is insane to want to renationalise the electricity and gas networks.

Yes, yes, the argument is that only in public ownership can we make sure that they deliver public goods. But that’s not actually the way to gain those things. We actually would rather – in fact we should insist – that the people defining and enforcing the delivery of those public goods aren’t the same people as those making the profit.…

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Brexit Party At 34% In Voting Intentions – Remoaner LibDems On 12%

As we’ve all known for sometime now if Remain could be said to win the euro-elections then that would have been a referendum upon that subject of Brexit. It’s cancelled that is. But if Leave wins or could be said to have that would be different because reasons.

Looks like they’re going to declare reasons:

Senior Tory and Labour politicians have issued frantic calls to their voters to back them in next week’s European elections after a new poll showed support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party had soared to a level higher than for the two main parties put together.

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Labour’s Climate Emergency Move Would Mean The Suspension Of Democracy

Not that we ever thought that Jezza and McDonnell had a great deal of respect for democracy itself – certainly not if the peeps don’t support the revolution – but there’s something about this desire of theirs to declare a climate emergency which worries. Because, under the Civil Contingencies Act, a declaration of an emergency means the entire suspension of democracy and the rule of law. No, really, Ministers get to tell us what to do and that’s that.…

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Will Hutton – Damn That Democracy Thing, Tell ‘Em What To Do Jezza!

That Will Hutton is an elitist none can deny. His perfect definition of a well functioning economy being that everyone do what Willy Hutton damn well tells them to do. An  example of this on display in his column this week. Labour must come out full blooded for Remain because Will Hutton thinks that Remain is the right course of action. This democracy thing be damned for course, if hoi polloi won’t do what Willy thinks they should unforced then they must be forced.…

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Someone’s Got To Pay The Taxes Even If Labour Councils Don’t Collect From The Favoured

If we’re going to have government that swallows a significant portion of everyone’s incomes – and some vast chunk like one third of everything everyone does – then non-collection of taxes from certain favoured groupings is going to mean more tax being paid by everyone else. This seems obvious enough. And of course this is an argument used over there on the left. That if the rich don’t pay their “fair share” then everyone else has to dig deeper.…

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