The Game’s Afoot

They’re off!

We’re now into the election of the next Conservative party leader. It feels a bit like the Grand National. Time, perhaps, to have a wee flutter. Which ones of them will fall as they jump the hurdles? And will the favourite win?

We’ve had a quick look at the “odds” on Paddy Power here where you too can lose a few quid on betting on who is going to be the next PM. As of writing this post, the odds given are:

Boris Johnson 8/13

Jeremy Hunt 9/2

Andrea Leadsom 9/1

Michael Gove 14/1

Boris Johnson on odds of 8/13 is currently seen as the favourite and the two “runners up” are Jeremy Hunt (9/2) and Andrea Leadsom (9/1).…

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Brussels Doesn’t Like Tories – This Is Rather The Point Of Leaving, Isn’t It?

It appears that the federast apparatchiki don’t like any of those running to be new Tory leader and thus PM. To which the correct response is, “So what, buggerlugs?” Because of course it’s our PM we’re talking about, not some satrap who requires the approval of our overlords.

EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources

It’s not your choice and no, you don’t get a say.

Take this for example:

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There’s White Supremacy And Then There’s Stupidity

Of course, we’d describe neo-Nazi white supremacy as idiocy anyway but it’s rather nice when they come right out and prove it all over again. One of the splinter groups – they’re all splinter groups really – that makes up the white supremacy movement in the US has just appointed a black guy to be its leader. Not only that, he’s a black guy working as an activist against white supremacy groups. So much so that he seems to have become leader in order to undermine the group:

The new leader of one of the most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the U.S.

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