Of Course Ocasio Cortez Is Shocked – Payment For Line Holding Is Rationing By Price

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is shocked, she says, that lobbyists pay homeless people to wait in line for Congressional hearings. Well, of course AOC is shocked. This is voluntary exchange, this is how markets work – it’s also rationing by that most efficient method, price. Given that she’s either unaware of or disagrees with each of these parts of reality she’s shocked that this is how people operate.

Note that this is just what people do – this isn’t to say that this is operators manipulating or anything, this is just part of the operations manual for a collection of humans.…

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Google’s Think Tank Support – Bribery Or Blackmail?

The tech companies such as Google pay significant sums of money to varied think tanks and pressure groups. The aim of all this is obviously to influence the law about what Google may or may not do. There’s really no doubt about that.

And now to what there is doubt about. Is this a lightly concealed bribery, the tech giant’s money buying privilege in the political process? Or is it blackmail by the political process of the tech giants?…

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