Lord Chris Holmes Is Innocent M’Lud

Whether or not Britain’s famed paralympic swimmer has done anything or not is up to the investigative and court systems to find out as they no doubt will.

However, we can say without doubt that “Lord Chris Holmes” is entirely innocent of anything. For that title doesn’t exist, there is no one with that name. Thus innocence, obviously enough.

This used to be the sort of thing the Telegraph got right but tempus fugit and all that, the end of civilisation is nigh as we forget these distinctions:

Paralympic swimmer Lord Chris Holmes denies sexually assaulting woman in luxury London hotel

If there were a “Lord Chris Holmes” then there are two possibilities as to who it is.…

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We Get A Letter. From A Lord, A Real Lord!

What fun, eh?

Dear Sir,

Today I had the misfortune of reading, on-line, your evidently hard-line ‘Brexiteer’ views and your championing of the supposed wonders of the nowadays increasingly discredited ‘WTO’ in support. Simplistic, and grossly misleading, tripe from start to finish!
Whilst I would not expect otherwise from someone with a stated connection to the flagrantly elitist, ‘neo-con’, banker-worshipping and generally out of touch, bigoted and exceedingly right-wing ‘Adam Smith Institute’ as in your own case, might I just suggest that you take the trouble to read an excellent article from a world-wide and genuinely independent top academic body called ‘The Conversation’ dating from August 2018 and entitled “No deal?

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Nazir Ahmed – A Peer But Not A Gentleman

There was a time when a peer was, by definition, a gentleman – that time is long gone of course. We are indeed going through a period of societal change. The problem we’ve all got here is that we’ve not quite worked out what the new rules are, this being true in two different ways in this little story.

Who should a peer sleep with or not, who should a woman sleep with or not. The general view of the latter is whoever and whenever the individual wishes to although that seems not to be true when they decide, afterwards, that they don’t like it.…

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