Tanzania’s Magufuli – Rightly – Won’t Let The IMF Publish Economic Report

Tanzania’s President, John Magufuli, won’t allow the International Monetary Fund to publish their usual report on the economy of that country. Quite rightly too – from the point of view of Magufuli that is for it would be most inconvenient politically. For what the report will and in fact does say is that his actions are screwing with that economy and its possibility for growth.

You know, the usual sort of thing we’ve seen with African strongmen over the decades.…

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Typically Authoritarian Government – Tanzania Cracks Down On Foreign Exchange Bureaux

The stated reason for Tanzania cracking down on foreign exchange bureaux is that some of them are fronts for money laundering, are operating without a licence perhaps. The actual reason is that the market foreign exchange rate is not what the Tanzanian government thinks it ought to be. In the habit of authoritarians everywhere they’re thus cracking down on the market rather than changing their opinions.

We should also see this closure of free market exchange bureaux as being part and parcel of the censorship of The Citizen newspaper.…

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Tanzania’s Shakedown Of Acacia Mining Might Work – In The Short Term

Tanzania’s pursuit of Acacia Mining – the lies over gold contents and taxation – looks like it might work in the short term. That very working in that short term being the proof that it won’t work in the long term of course. But then that’s the problem with politics, it’s always far too focused upon that short term to the detriment of the long.

As background here John Magufuli decided to try to shakedown Acacia Mining.…

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