Mindfulness Makes You Mad

Not that this will change the fashion for the industry but still, useful to know – excessive concentration upon your mental health makes you mad. This is why every psychiatrist anyone’s ever met appears to be psycho. Their own constant examination of their own psyche drives them nuts.

Meditation retreats bad for your mental health, study suggests

To retreat from levity this isn’t really all that surprising:

Going on trendy meditation retreats may be bad for participants’ mental health, a new study suggests.

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MPs Should Quit Social Media Says Parliamentary Health Watchdog

There are two thoughts that flow from this insistence that, for the sake of their fragile mental health, Members of Parliament should quit Twitter and certain other forms of social media:

MPs should quit social media to protect their mental health, the parliamentary health watchdog has said. The Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service has said that politicians being active on Twitter is the “equivalent of dipping their private parts in honey and exposing them to angry bees”.

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