Weird Claims In Uganda – The Phone Company Was Wiretapping The Government

All things are possible of course but this one does sound more than a little odd. A mobile telecoms company in Uganda was wiretapping the government. That’s what the claim is at least however bizarre it sounds. As ever with things out of Africa, there’s always something new, eh?

But this is what is being claimed:

The MTN Uganda chief executive officer, Wim Vanhelleputte was deported to Belgium for allegedly conspiring with other workers to record phone conversations of high ranking government officials and security chiefs.

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As Uganda Finds Out, Demanding National Broadband Costs Money In Reduced MTN Fees

Entirely so, of course we’d just love to have complete and clear national coverage for voice and mobile internet. Even, for broadband over mobile. Just as we’d entirely love to power the place on unicorn emissions and have candy floss for tea every single day. The thing is it’s not possible to have all we want. Other than the non-existence of unicorns everything has a cost to it. Like, having reliable, clear, national – even in remote rural areas – telecoms coverage costs money.…

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