With The Nordhaus Nobel Can We Finally Get Climate Change Economics Right Please?

William Nordhaus has finally got his Nobel which is good. What is also excellent about this is that we’ve now this official recognition of how to do climate change economics right. This is something that all economists know, of course, but something that near no one else – especially the policy makers – does.

Stick on a carbon tax at the social cost of carbon and we’re done.

Don’t try to plan or strategise through things, don’t insist that the money must be used to fight climate change nor compensate for it.…

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So, Off You Go And Create Your Own Nobel Prizes Then

We have a nice example of the standard left wing perniciousness here with this complaint that the Nobels have to be changed because reasons. The pernicity being that instead of doing the honourable thing – go off and create your own – the demand is that an extant part of society be coopted into the Borg and run as those who didn’t create it insist. We do rather see this all around society, don’t we? Google’s search functions must operate as the social justice warriors insist, Facebook and Twitter must not allow anyone not on message to ever say anything publicly, Nobels must be awarded for environmental sciences.…

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Donald Trump Shouldn’t Get The Nobel Peace Prize – Certainly Not Yet

There are calls that Donald Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize for his excellence in getting Kim Young ‘Un to, err, what was it? Step across the border? That might be a little premature you know, just a fraction and ever so little:

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that Donald Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at bringing North Korea to the bargaining table over the country’s nuclear weapons programme.

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