That Northern Ireland Nurses Strike

Something that puzzles a little bit:

Yet salaries of nurses in Northern Ireland have been allowed to fall far behind those of colleagues in the rest of the UK. A newly qualified band 5 staff nurse there, for example, is now paid £1,419 less than their counterpart in England and Wales, and £1,875 less than in Scotland, each year.

That’s about 5%. And NI wages are, generally, about 10% lower than whole UK average.

Further, NI nurses get their training fees paid for them and still receive bursaries.…

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We’re Going To Have To Get Rid of The Tories Next

From our Swindon correspondent:

My general feeling about the Conservative Party right now is that if you want to Get Brexit Done, vote Conservative. Get it through. But we’re probably going to have to turn on them once they’ve done this for us.
Because of stupid policies like this:-

The Tories have pledged an extra 50,000 NHS nurses in a bid to plug the existing vacancy gap, which currently stands at more than 43,000.

The Conservative manifesto also reintroduces a nurse bursary – which the Government had scrapped – worth £5,000 to £8,000 per year.

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About Polly Toynbee On The Shortage Of Nurses

Of course it’s true that anything and everything that goes wrong, or is not even up to the hoped for standards, is the fault of the Tories. The baby eaters they are.

This might not actually be quite true, despite that being the template for a Polly Toynbee column. An example here:

Exhibit number two in the Tories’ destruction of our health service: the NHS has just published its highest ever rate of vacant posts for nurses, at more than 43,000 missing roles.

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Nurses Are Unobservant – Prostitution Is Already Legal In Britain

It’s amazing quite how bitter fights can become when people don’t actually understand what it is that they’re fighting over. Nurses – the Royal College of to be precise – have voted to lobby for prostitution to be decriminalised. The thing being that it is in fact already legal.

Nurses are calling for prostitution to be decriminalised, saying it is a matter of “fundamental human rights”. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is to start actively lobbying the Government to change the law following a vote at the union’s conference in Liverpool.

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Maine Hospital Has Nine Pregnant Nurses – Not All That Surprising Really

A hospital in Maine has nine of their nurses all pregnant at the same time. So, Yay! for diversity and men taking on traditionally women’s jobs then. Or, perhaps, we could mull over the statistical unlikeliness of this. The answer to which is that it’s obviously unusual at any one hospital. But it’s going to happen often enough when we consider the number of hospitals, number of nurses, there are out there.

That’s just how large numbers work:

Nine nurses who work in the labor and delivery unit of a Maine hospital are expecting babies of their own in the next few months.

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German Nurse Who Killed 100 Admits To Being Incompetent

A trial is going on in Germany of a man who admits to having killed at least 100 people. He was a nurse and he killed them by injecting them with drugs which, well, caused their death. The thing is, what’s he’s really admitting is to being both hungry for glory and also incompetent. For the purpose of the injections was not to kill but to show his skill at resuscitation. Which, obviously enough, wasn’t that high:

A former nurse has admitted to killing 100 patients in his care, on the first day of his trial in the biggest serial killing case in Germany’s post-war history.

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